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Can I send a photo?
For any orders via mail or email please send a most typical photo of the model.
  • In your covering letter, please state in which technique your portrait should be painted (e.g. watercolour or charcoal).
  • If ordering two or more models, please let us know, if these should be arranged on one painting or be portrayed seperately.
  • For possible queries please also give your phone number.
  • If the portrait is meant as a present for a birthday or an anniversary, please give us the exact date.

To discuss necessary details, please call us three days after you sent your order.

What kind of photos do you need?

A usual photo, sized e.g. 9 x 13 cm or similar is sufficient.
For portraits of persons a passport photo is usually enough.
If photos are being sent via email, please do not send more than three or four photos per model.
Adequate are all usual graphic formats, like e.g. gif, tiff, jpeg, jpg, etc.

Red eyes on photos taken with flash are being portrayed correctly on the drawing.

It is important, that the exterior character of the model is to be seen on the photo, it should be typical for the model.
Please take care, that all important details are to be made out clearly.
(On passport photos e.g. the eyelids or for horse faces: hair, venes, muscles, etc.).

It sometimes happens, that only one photo is available, that does not fulfill all necessary provisions.

In such cases, we discuss these items with you, before the portraitist starts her work.

Is it possible to arrange more than one model from different individual photos on one drawing (group portraiture)?

Two or more portraits on one drawing or painting are possible also from different individual photos.
Different individual photos are mostly even better than a photo of a group.

Size differences between the different pictured individuals resulting from distances or focus on the photos will be adapted on the drawing.
If no special arrangement is given, this will be done by the portraitist.

Which techniques are possible?

Drawings and paintings are possible with the followig techniques:

  • charcoal drawing
  • red chalk or sepia
  • watercolour
  • oilpainting
Can I also have my car or my house being painted?

Of course, any subject is possible.

As e.g. a boat, a motorbike or a house require a large range of details to be drawn, we can give you the exact prices for such paintings only after discussing the photos and details we you.

Orders for any subjects with extremistic or pornographic contents, are generally been rejected.

Which size do the drawings have?

Individual portraits will roughly be lifesize.

If not ordered differently, this means:

  • Individual portrait for frame size 40 x 50 cm;
  • Double portrait for frame size 50 x 60 cm;
  • Group portrait for frame size 50 x 70 cm;
  • Horse portrait for frame size 50 x 60 cm
    or 50 x 70 cm.

It can also be framed with a passe-partout up to 10 x 10 cm smaller, but also relevantly larger.

Of course, any size, other than those given here is possible.

Please give us your preferred size in your order.

How long does it take, until I get the drawing(s)?
The delivery period usually is four weeks, as of order receipt.
On special request shorter delivery periods are possible.
Please send your orders for Xmas as early as possible.
Are changes or variations from the original possible?

On request the model will be painted different from the original.
It is possible to e.g. skip the bridle of a horse or correct the position of the ears.

In portrait of persons a variety of changes are possible, too.

Any changes and edits will be discussed with you on request, after we received the original photos.

How much is it?

per model, portrait of head:

  • charcoal drawing € 250.-
  • watercolour € 400.-

horse portrait, head:

  • charcoal drawing as of € 300.-
  • watercolour as of € 450.-

Please note:
Any prices are meant per model; thus, a drawing with three subjects has the same price as three individual ones.

For full-length paintings 50% are charged addtionally.

For oil paintings and other techniques not given here, we tell you the definite price after a detailed discussion.

All prices are given without framing, including shipment or packaging costs, within Germany.

To other European countries we will charge
additionally: € 15.- Other countries on request.

You will receive your ordered paintings packed safely in a parcle role.

How do I pay?

Please send a cheque with your order or transfer your payment to our account (transportation costs respected).

COD parcels are not possible.

Where do I order?

Please send your orders via mail to:

Gabriele Laubinger
Postfach 200 527
44649 Herne

or via email to:

for phone requests, please call:
+49 +2325 - 98 85 37
or (mobile):
+49 +172 - 7 08 85 37
+49 +2325 - 98 85 38


The rights for all drawings and paintings remain with the artist.
Public or economical use as well as reproductions of any kind require explicit approval in writing.

Please request conditions for the surrender of rights in writing at:

Gabriele Laubinger
Postfach 200 527
44636 Herne