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biography of the artist

portraitist Gabriele Laubinger
lives and works in Herne, Germany.

Born 1962 in Wanne-Eickel, Germany.

1981-1987 Studies of Social Sciences (Ruhr University, Bochum).

1987 Studies of Communica-
tion Designs (University of the Politechnic Essen).

1993 First Supportive Award
of the City of Herne
graphics section).

1995-96 Scholarship of
the Unversity of Applied Arts,
Vienna (Austria).
Master class for painting,
Professor A. Frohner.

Since 1990 she is presenting her works on international exhibitions;

Munich, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Berlin, Hannover, Stuttgart, Nürnberg ... (Germany)

  • WINNER Amsterdam (Netherlands),
  • EURODOG Tulln (Austria),
  • CRUFTS 98 Birmingham (UK),
  • WORLD DOG SHOW Helsinki (Finland),
  • HIPPOLOGICA Berlin (Germany),
  • EQUITANA Essen (Germany),
  • PFERD & JAGD Hannover (Germany).

1996 Diploma in Essen,

1997 Second Prize at the
2nd International Digital
Type Design Contest
(Linotype Library).
Gothic script "Sangue"

Apart from free works she created innumbable portaits, drawings and paintings, as well as illustrations and court drawings.

Exhibitions (excerpt):

1993 Gallery of the Adult Education Center Herne,
three book projects on the words of A. Rimbaud and C. Baudelaire.

1995 Artists of Herne, Flottmannhallen, Herne.

1996 Colliery "Zollverein", Essen (presentation of diploma)
Painting and book design to the words of Elfriede Jellinek's prose "Lust".

1997 "Caput",
Schollbrockhaus, Herne,
(with Peter Buchwald, photographer).

"Gothic Scripts", Municipal Gallery of Herne
(with Cristel Klippert).

1998 "Winterreise" Gallery of the "Sparkasse" Herne.
Painting on the words of W. Müller and music of Franz Schubert.

1999 "Zwischenstände", Martin Opitz-Bibliothek, Herne
(with Eberhard Bitter, Peter Buchwald, Dina Nur)