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Information on prices

For orders via mail or email, please send a most typical photo of the model.

  • In your covering letter, please state in which technique your portrait should be painted (e.g. watercolour or charcoal).
  • If ordering two or more models, please let us know, if these should be arranged on one painting or be portrayed seperately.
  • For possible queries please also give your phone number.
  • If the portrait is meant as a present for a birthday or an anniversary, please give us the exact date.

To discuss necessary details, please call us three days after you sent your order.

Prices including VAT
per model
oil painting
€ 250.-
€ 400.-
as of € 900.-
€ 300.-
€ 450.-
as of € 1100.-
The additional charge for full-length portraits is 50%.

Individual portraits   Group portraits
Vertical format
36 x 48 cm
  Horizontal format
   42 x 56 cm
Portrayals of heads will be roughly lifesize.

All prices are given without framing, including shipment or packaging costs, within Germany.

To other European countries we will charge additionally: € 15.-
other countries on request.

Your order will be shipped in a solid parcle role, about 4 weeks after order receipt.

Shipment and packaging costs for oil paintings on request.

Any orders will be handled only after prior transfer of the price, receipt of a cheque respectively.


CONTACT adress
Dipl.-Des. Gabriele Laubinger
Postfach 200 527
44636 Herne
phone: +49 +2325 98 85 37
mobile: +49 +172 708 85 37
fax: +49 +2325 98 85 38

With the publication of this price list any prior offers become invalid.
Changes and errors reserved.

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